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Contracting a Good Time: Selecting a General Contracting Contractor 

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Unmasking the Mystery: How to Choose a General Contracting Contractor

As the rays of morning light dance through your window, breaking your slumber, you wake with a single question burning in your mind – How would you choose a general contracting contractor for your upcoming construction endeavor? Beginning your day with such daunting thoughts can be tough, indeed. But don’t stress, fellow building enthusiast. We’ll be your emotional support humans throughout your contracting adventure! With Imperial Roofing by your side, selecting a contractor will be as effortless as making a cup of tea (without forgetting the tea bag, of course).

Setting the Stage: Why do you need a General Contracting Contractor?

Before diving headfirst into a pool of confusion, let’s understand the who, what, and why of this predicament we’ve found ourselves in. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for general contracting contractors is projected to grow exponentially as the years roll on. This indicates a growing appetite for new building construction and by extension, an increasing demand for reliable contractors.

Plotting Your Course: Your Contractor Selection Guide

Like knights setting forth on heroic quests, we’re venturing into the wild unknown territory of contractor evaluation. Here, there will be no magic potions or enchanted swords. Only knowledge, wisdom, and a comprehensive contractor selection guide to lead us.

Consider Their Skills and Experience

Firstly, verify your general contractor’s skills and experience. Are they suited to handle your kind of project? Can they showcase a portfolio of similar jobs undertaken in the past? Remember, each construction project requires a unique set of expertise.

Assess Their Team

The Associated General Contractors of America report that an astounding 70% of construction firms are finding it challenging to secure qualified skilled labor. Hence it’s essential to size up your contractor’s team, checking for both reliability and the necessary skill-set.

Evaluate Their Contractor Quality Assessment

Delve into your potential contractor’s quality assessment criteria. What measures do they take to ensure top-notch quality in their work? This should include everything from materials used to methods employed.

Before the Final Act: Construction Contract Negotiation

Finalizing a contract does not have to involve a high-pressure poker game. Instead, it should be a symbiotic agreement that works in your favor and your contractor’s alike. Tangible parameters like timelines, budgets, and materials should be transparently defined in this negotiation, assuring a smooth sailing construction project.

Beyond the Curtain Call: Post-Project Support

Once the project wraps up, your relationship with the general contractor shouldn’t terminate then and there. Post-project support is an often undervalued aspect of professional contracting services. It’s pivotal to have contractors who are present to address potential issues even after tying loose ends.

Summary: What Matters Most in General Contractor Services

When the dust settles, and you have weathered the whirlwind journey of hiring a general contractor, what matters most? It’s the harmony achieved between your vision and its execution, your satisfaction with the completed project, and the peace of mind beyond it.


What should I look for when selecting a contractor?

When selecting a contractor, focus on their skills and experience, team reliability, quality assessment measures, transparency in negotiation, and post-project support.

How can I ensure a smooth construction project management?

Involve yourself actively in the entire process, maintain regular communication with your contractor, and make sure all your expectations are explicitly stated in the contract.

How do construction contractor selection work?

The contractor selection process typically involves collecting recommendations, conducting interviews, negotiating terms and finalizing an agreement.

Sage Parting Words

In this journey of contractor selection, begin by identifying your needs, chart a course through careful evaluation and assessment, negotiate like a pro, and ensure enduring support post-project. Be mindful, be bold, and trust in your epic adventure of creating a structure that speaks volumes about your vision.

In the realm of general contracting, Imperial Roofing stands as a beacon of reliability and professionalism. Let us make your construction project more a joy than a task. Remember, ‘Contracting a Good Time’ is not a distant goal. It’s a reality right within your grasp.

Handy Tips

1. Define your project before beginning your hunt for a contractor.

2. Consider recommendations from trusted sources.

3. Conduct face-to-face interviews with potential contractors.

4. Always agree to terms in writing.

5. Prioritize quality over cost.

6. Never skip the references check.

7. Constantly keep the lines of communication open with your contractor.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the contract negotiations.

Well, there you have it, fellow building enthusiasts. Our guide to unraveling the mysteries of how to choose the right general contracting contractor. Now, go forth and start ‘Contracting a Good Time’! After all, there’s no better time to begin than now.


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