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General Contractor Services

General Contracting For Every Unique Project

At Imperial Roofing & Construction, we specialize in providing expert general contractor services to commercial and residential property owners in Dallas, Plano, ForthWorth, Frisco,  and Southlake, Texas.

Our certified general contractors are ready to face any challenge, ensuring that we exceed your expectations.

Our Services

As one of the leading general contractors in the DFW area, Imperial Roofing & Construction offers a comprehensive list of services for commercial and residential property owners. 

Leave your general contracting needs in the hands of our certified team!

AC Replacements

Our general building contractors excel in AC replacements, crucial for the extreme Texas heat. We guarantee swift, efficient, and skilled service, with minimal disruption to your daily routine during air conditioning unit replacement.
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Insulation Services

Providing top-tier insulation services to ensure your home or commercial property remains energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe throughout the year. Our expert contractors offer customized insulation installation based on your specific requirements.
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Ensure the integrity and functionality of your home's exterior by keeping your windows in pristine condition. Whether it's sealing drafts or updating outdated windows, our expert team is committed to providing top-notch window solutions to boost your living comfort and safety.
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Struggling with the relentless Texan downpours? Our comprehensive exterior maintenance services extend to gutter upkeep—cleaning and repairing to ensure efficient roof drainage. A functional gutter system is crucial to averting water damage and reflects the care invested in your property's exterior.
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Fence Building and Staining

Rounding out our suite of exterior home improvement offerings, we specialize in fence construction and staining. A robust, well-kept fence not only boosts your home’s aesthetic appeal but also fortifies its security.
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Roofing Services

We specialize in a wide range of roofing services, including new installations, maintenance, and repairs for commercial and residential property owners. Our experienced team delivers high-quality solutions, focusing on durability and weather-resistance, ideal for the unique Texan climate.
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Our Core Values 

At Imperial Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves on a set of core values that embody our business activities and set us apart as a quality general contractor service provider in Plano, Texas.


Our team of certified general contractors exhibits professionalism in every project. We provide top notch services to both commercial and residential property owners whilst maintaining the highest standards in our industry.


We have an excellent reputation in the industry, with exceptional commitment to customer service, quality workmanship and reliability. We are proud to be one of the leading general contractors in the DFW area.


We are dependable, meeting our client's schedules as promised without compromising on the quality of our work.


Our certified general contractors and general contractor insurance guarantee our credibility in the sector.

Why Choose Imperial Roofing & Construction?

Unparalleled Expertise

As a leading general contractor company, we bring years of experience and a proven track record of excellence. Our team members are highly skilled, certified general contractors committed to delivering quality results.

Comprehensive Service Range

No project is too large or small. Whether you need general contracting services for commercial or residential properties, we are equipped to handle all your needs.

Dependable and Timely

We understand the importance of timelines in construction projects. As a dependable general contractor service, we prioritize schedule adherence without compromising on quality.

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe that communication is key. Our team keeps you informed every step of the way, ensuring a smooth project execution from inception to completion.

Quality Assurance

Quality is not just a word at Imperial Roofing & Construction. Our commitment to first-rate services has made us the preferred choice for general contractor services in Plano, Texas.

Insured and Certified

We hold comprehensive general contractor insurance in Texas. This, coupled with our team of certified general contractors, allows you to have complete peace of mind when you choose our services. Your property is in safe, capable hands.

Our Simple Five-Step Process

When searching for Texas general contractors, choose a company with a strong commitment to quality, unmatched customer service and years of experience.


Initial Consultation

Start your journey by scheduling a consultation with our general contractors. We will consider your unique needs, discuss your project and answer all your queries.


Inspection And Evaluation

Our certified general contractors will visit your property to inspect and evaluate the existing conditions. This in-depth assessment forms the basis of our recommendations and solutions that best suit your needs.


Customized Plan

Based on the inspections, we develop a comprehensive and customized plan, providing you all the information you need about timelines, materials, and required processes.



Our general contracting services team of experienced and skilled professionals ensures top-notch execution. Whether it's roofing or home remodeling, expect consistency, efficiency, and high quality with every job we perform.


Final Review

Your satisfaction is our priority. After completing the job, we conduct a final review to ensure all work is up to par with your expectations and our impeccably high standards

FAQs for General Contracting Services

General contractor services encompass the management of all aspects of a building project. This includes acquiring permits, hiring subcontractors, coordinating work schedules, ensuring adherence to codes and regulations, and even overseeing the budget.

Imperial Roofing & Construction is a premier general building contractor in Plano, Texas, that caters to both commercial and residential property owners. We have considerable experience and skill in handling all scopes of projects.

Certified General Contractors possess the vital ability to oversee building projects of any type or size, in coordination with specified regulations in Texas. 

Our team at Imperial Roofing & Construction has not only met the stringent standards set by the Texas regulatory bodies, but we also continually aim to go above and beyond for our clients.

Yes. As part of our commitment to professionalism and reliability, we are fully insured. This essential general contractor insurance in Texas safeguards both our contractors and clients in the advent of any unforeseen circumstances.

We extend our general contracting services beyond Plano—serving clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Southlake as well. We’re one of the certified general contractors in the DFW area committed to providing top-notch services to our clients.

As a local roofing company, we offer a balanced blend of professionalism, credibility, and reliability. We provide superior commercial roofing services and deliver results that exceed client expectations while protecting their investments. 

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